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Vanesa Longchamp started drawing in 2011. A self-taught artist, her first painting medium was spray paint. Her street art pieces are painted with spray cans, freehand. Most of her studio work is the result of mixed spray paint and oil. She also creates digital art on a regular basis.

Vanesa has painted live at several festivals and events, including Paris Hip Hop in France, City of Colours Festival Birmingham, Femme Fierce, The Gloucester Paint Jam, Cheltenham Paint Festival, Rise Festival, WXSP Festival, and Upfest in England, Cardiff Paint Jam in Wales, Gottsunda HipHop Festival in Sweden, Berlin Rising Festival in Germany and exhibited in group shows in London at Curious Duke Gallery, Ben Oakley Gallery, Lollipop Gallery and Salon des Refusés as well as in Galerie Protégé in New York and the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan. She was an artist-in-residence at the XuCun International Arts Community in China, exhibiting at the XuCun International Art Museum.



Photo credit: Nika Kramer

She also painted walls in different countries in Europe, Asia and South America and was an Advisor to the EEC Graffolution project at Central Saint Martins (University of the Arts London).

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